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The Khadgar Liberation Front is a long standing World of Warcraft guild playing on the EU Khadgar server, we are approaching our 8th birthday and still raiding and playing in the 5th major expansion for World of Warcraft. Many of our current members have been with us since the begining of TBC, many returning to us as we rose from the ashes, and many of us have been World of Warcraft players Since the launch of the game.

We are a casual guild with members that enjoy levelling and socialising and have many members that enjoy raiding end game content. As a guild we have raided 10 man encounters since  Karazhan during The Burning Crusade, successfully clearing all Northrend and Cataclysm raids and progressing into Pandarian raids with 2 active raid teams. 

We have a mixed and wide age range with sensible mature players from 14 to 45, we are always on the look out for like minded individuals to join our guild and enjoy the fun with us onward into Pandaria

If you would like to join us or know more about the guild then please contact a guild officer in game for a chat.

About The Guild


A Short history of The Khadgar Liberation Front

Written by Wonx

The Khadgar Liberation Front was foundered by Soundwava (Mette) and Wonx (David) on December 20 of 2005. The name was made by the both of us and just sounded funny so we went with it we wanted something new and creative. We had decided to make characters together and chose to be Gnomes and when decided we would try our luck at making our own guild. We had been friends for a while and originally meet in a chat room. Before we started playing wow we played kalonline "". A friend of sounds decided to buy wow so we did as well. I had planed to for a while and now with my friend playing I decided ill get a copy and play on the EU servers instead of the US servers. Before moving to Khadgar and making the guild we now run we had characters on the realm Darksorrow we became bored with them and to be honest my priest really sucked mainly just because of my lack of experience. Not really sure why we chose to be warlocks seemed like an interesting class and neither of us really knew what they where at the time. And as for gnomes no idea really seemed like a good idea at the time. i had noticed they where an uncommon race and I personally like there mounts. The KLF quickly grew and became a well known guild with in the alliance ranks of Khadgar. We have had our highs and lows but together and with the help of our great members we have got threw them and grown stronger. We acquired a website 4/1/06 and our member Uselessmike kindly made us our forums hosted threw his own private company. Our most recent achievement is the purchase of a private team speak server. As for where the KLF will go from here is really unknown but as we continue to grow in size and build up a strong level 60 base the future looks bright.


Decline and Rebirth

After a while the KLF began to sink into Decline with many level 60s leaving for end of game guilds this lead to the guild falling apart failed attempts where made to rebuild although. The guild continued to slip into ruin with Mette move to the UK and been unable to afford to play wow and my lack of interest and desire to start fresh. The guild continued to decline into 2007 with less and less active members. I went away on holiday from may till august and the guild hit a real low with only one active member. I considered disbanding the guild upon my return in August although didn't and left it as it was. Nothing changed until in mid October 07 former guild member Mageranger whispered me asking me if his alt could join and try and rebuild the guild. Things began to improve from that point on.


The Second Rebirth (Written by Nystal)
Upon returning from Holiday I discovered that the Guild had once again fallen in decline with Mageranger apparantly inactive for a substantial period of time. I spoke with the remainder of the Guild who agreed to an idea that I take command and once again attempt to rebuild. Having spoken to a GM they confirmed Leadership of the Guild and passed Leadership to me on February 7th. Currently the guild is being overhauled to give it a fresh lease off life and active recruiting has began again.

Two months later the KLF had regrown, 240+ members, a number of active Level 70 players and most endgame Instances complete and then moving onto Heroics.  The KLF was also boosted by the return of Mageranger to our ranks as the KLF continues its rebirth.

Three months into this rebirth the KLF Finally began raiding Karazhan, this is the first time in TBC that the guild has been raiding and it was very much the result of everybodies hard work.

On the 8th of August 2008, the KLF Succesfully cleared Karazhan and quickly proceeded to place it on farm for the duration of The Burning Crusade. We also proceeded into Zul'Aman managing 4/6 prior to the 3.0.2 patch.

During this Period, Nystal took a 2 month Hiatus as Guild leader allowing Garleth to temporarily take his place.  It was business as usual until shortly before wrath launched when Nystal once again took charge.

The Wrath of The Lich King

The KLF stormed into Wrath of the Lich King, having a Level 80 within 5 days of the expansion.  It did take until the 2nd of January 2009 before proper raiding could commence again though with Venator as the set Raid Leader.  On the 1st of March 2009, Kel'Thurzad fell and Naxxramas was cleared, and on the 5th of April: Malygos too fell.  For the first time, the KLF had completed all 10 man content in the game.

With 3.2, we proceeded into Ulduar managing everything except for Yogg Sauron.  During this time, Nystal needed to take some time away from the girl so another leader was chosen - Morticianoir who led the KLF throughout the 3.2 patch. The Trial of the Crusader proved no match for our guildies in 10 man normal mode though and everyone eagerly awaited the final patch.

Shortly after the release of 3.3, Nystal returned and took the Helm again.  This time, 2 10 man raid teams entered the Final Raid Instance - Icecrown Citadel with Venator and Raymundo as respective raid leaders and both groups had successfully defeated the Lich king, with many encounters being completed on Heroic mode well before the end of the expansion.


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